in order to的意思是什么?


in order to的意思是什么?

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    in order to 意思是:为了做某事,表示目的:to 是不定式,+do 原型

    in order to表示“为了”、“以便”,只引导目的状语,可以置于句首或句末。so as to只能置于句末,可以与in order to互换,但表示“以致于”,即引导结果状语时,则不能互换。例如:

    In order to pass the exam, he studied even harder.  为了通过考试,他学习更加努力。

    I got up early this morning so as to/in order to catch the early train. 为了赶早车,今天早晨我起床很早。(目的)

    She’s afraid of making any noise so as to wake up the baby.她怕发出响声弄醒孩子。(结果)

    in order to造句:

    1.He mortgaged his house in order to start a business .他用房产押款创业。

    2.A fox breaks wind in order to escape hunting dogs ...狐狸放屁以逃避猎狗。

    3.She is cutting out sweets in order to lose weight她为了减轻体重而戒食糖果。

    4.She arrived early in order to get a good seat .她到得很早,为的是得个好座位。

    5.He set a match to the dry timber in order to burn it .他用火柴去点燃那干木头。

    6.She oiled her words in order to sound persuasive .她使用花言巧语使话有说服力。

    7.We take action in order to achieve a desired result .我们采取步骤以达到某目的。

    8.In order to hit the duck, you have to move your gun .要打中野鸭,你的枪也得动。

    9.In order to get the job you must be able to drive .为了获得工作,你必须会开车。

    10.The plant requires nitrogen in order to make proteins .植物需要用氮来制造蛋白质。