A dancer and singer ( )to teach the children how to dance an

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A dancer and singer ( )to teach the children how to dance and sing next Sunday!
A:comes B:has come C:is coming D;was coming


C be doing sth.表示将来


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  1. 1.watch(现在分词)()2.visit(现在分词)()3.teach(第三人称单数)()4.go(第三人称单数)(

    watching 再答: visits 再答: teaches 再答: gose 再答: 不对 再答: goes 再答: listening 再答: watches 再答: kite 再答: works 再答: looking 再答: hobbies
  2. His parents found a ( ) to teach their son.(music)

    应该是musician 音乐家他父亲找了一个音乐家教他们的儿子
  3. the dancer is ( )跳舞 里面加什么形式,是dance 还是dancing

    dancing 现在进行时vapour 水蒸气 如不明白请及时追问,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可,欢迎随时私信或hi求助! 再问: water��������˵������ 再答: come from�ʵ�����ˮ���������� ��ô��ˮӦ������Ϊˮ��������ɵģ�����... ��ˮ�
  4. 几道英语的语法题,请帮我讲解清楚,1、( )I teach _____ Chinese and they teach _

    D(他们;我,都用宾格) C(在什么地方用in) C(说英语用speak) A(like+ing)
  5. Thank you for( )( )【teach】 me.中间空怎么填?

  6. 1、()he( )(teach)at No.1 Middle School

    1) Does he teach at No. 1 Middle School? 对第三人称单数的动词提问2) my uncle often works late because he has a lot of work to do.to do 目的状语 3) Mr Green is busy cleaning the
  7. all of them( ) the work of children s education .A devoted t

    选Ddevote 是及物动词一般用作devote sb/sth to doing/n 的形式没to 的选项统统排除,BC都错又因为devote 是及物动词,所以A错故选D他们把一生都奉献给了儿童教育事业
  8. you will haveto be ( ) with a “problem children”谁知道中间填什么啊?

    patient 耐心的
  9. (( )We _________and _________yesterday A、sang,dance B、sing,d

    标题上的是c,sang,danced第二个是listening to music,B
  10. 英语单选并说明理由!( )24.The children are waiting __________ a bus at

    24 A 固定搭配21 B programmes是复数22 D 27 A28 C 这题怪怪的
  11. 英语翻译1.你昨天把这些孩子怎么处理了?()did you ()()the children yesterday?2.别

    1 how deal with 2 to clean up 绝对是对的 有不会欢迎问我
  12. 1Tom ()fed the disabled children ()told stories to them

    Tom (often,经常) fed the disabled children (and,并且) told stories to them.汤姆经常给那些残疾儿童吃的,并给他们讲故事.第一空可能会填其他表示频度的副词.
  13. we had great fun()at the party A.sing and dance B.singing an

    B.singing and dancing
  14. The ()are very happy.children childs child选择!

  15. When l ()the farm,the children had started ()the apples

    1.A reach 是及物动词,arrive on 也可以,start doing\ to do 2.A she 自然不能选BD,时态为现在时
  16. 如果在一篇英语短文中,有一句话:He is( )father of four children.用a还是用the?

  17. 用or,and ,so ,while ,but ,not only ...But also...填空:()Tom ()J

    1、(Not only)Tom (but also)Jim has been to the Great Wall.2、Tom is a careless boy (so)he does everything carelessly.3、Tom is reading in the living room(while)his
  18. 选择填空 ()1.The weather in Chengdu is very ni

  19. 1.Parents play a great role in _____ their children.( )

    第四个 in后面是动词ing形式