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When do you need the table?
This Friday.
Have you got a table for four tonight?
Yes, this way, please.
How many people are in your party?
There will be 6 people.
Do you have a reservation, please?
Yes. For 3 people in the name of Clarkson.
Come in, sir. May I take you coat, please.
How may gusts, please?
Can we change tables?
Yes, it’s fine.
Shall we see the menu, please?
I’ll bring it over.
Could you please give me an appetizer?
Here you go.
Have you decided on something, sir?
What do you recommend?
May I take you order?
Bring the menu, please.
What would you like to order?
What’s the special today?
What’s the special today?
“All-you-can-eat” dinner special.
Good evening, sir. Would you like to order some wine with your meal?
Um, yes. What would you recommend.
And what would you like with your steak?
Let me see. Do you have such kind of wine that is full-bodied but not so fruity.
Good evening! Would you like some wine? Here is the wine list.
Yes. What would you recommend?
Your Red Burgundy, sir. May I serve it now?
Yes, please.
Please taste it, sir. Is it all right?
Would you like a liqueur to complete your meal?
OK. An apricot Brandy, please.
I don’t think I like it. Can I change it?
I’m afraid not. Once it’s ordered and served, it can’t be changed.
I’m sorry, sir. I’ll bring you a cloth immediately. Have you been scalded?
No, I’m OK. But the suit is dirty and I have an important appointment this afternoon.
Would you like us to serve you now, sir?
Sure, please.
Excuse me, may I take your plate away? Did you enjoy your meal?
Sure, go ahead. Yes, it’s great. The steak is very fresh and just to my taste.
Can I get extra ketchup on that Hamburger?
Is this for here or to go?
For here.
Large or small coke?
Welcome to McDonald’s. Can I take your order?
Hi, I’d like a Hamburger and an apple pie.
Pop conversation
May I help you sir?
I’d like to reserve a table for dinner.
Certainly, sir. How large is your party?
Six couples.
Would you like to reserve a private dinning room?
That sounds like a good idea.
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Have you got a reservation?
I don’t think so.
I see. Would you come with me this way, please?
Thank you.
What’ll it be, mister?
I’ll have the roast beef, please.
Rare, medium or well-done?
And what’s yours, miss?
I’ll have the liver and onion.
Our food seems to be taking a long time, doesn’t it?
It sure does.
We ordered half an hour ago, but our meal hasn’t arrived yet. We have to leave pretty soon.
I’m sorry, I’ll see what’s happened.
So, do you want to get some dessert?
Um, I don’t know. I haven’t got much green(钱) left.
Don’t be such a cheapskate. I was just thinking of ice cream or something.
I know, but some of those places are really expensive.
Don’t be such a cheapskate. 别这么小气
Check, please.
Yes, sir. Here’s your bill. How did you find the food?
Everything was wonderful.
So glad you like it. Hope you’ll come again soon.
Yes, we will.
Are you done? 饱了
Yes, I’m full.
Are you sure? You can get seconds. 你还能来点
No, thanks. I’m positively stuffed. I have no room.
OK. This will be my treat.
No, you don’t.
All right then, we’ll go fifty-fifty.
OK, let’s go Dutch.
You’re quite right, sir. It was put on your check by mistake. I’m very sorry, sir.
That’s OK. How much does it come to now?
That’s 11 dollars and 25 cents.
Here you are.
I’m very sorry about the mistake, sir.
Forget it. That’s all right.
Could you give me a cup of coffee?
What kind of coffee do you like? Our specialty is Italian coffee.
Thank you. Just give me a cup of black coffee, which is my favorite.
Do you want to take out?
No, I have it here. May I have some napkin?
Sure, here you are.
10 在快餐店
What’ll it be for you, sir?
I’ll take two meals.
What kind of drink would you like?
One coca-cola and the other large orange juice, please.
You can get super-size for only 4 more pounds.
OK. I’d like that, then.
How about something for dessert, like an apple pie or ice cream?
No, thanks. I think I am going to have some iced water.
We charge 50 cents for it.


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man:This resturant is very good.Do you want to have a try with me?woman:OK!Let's go.waiter:Welcome to our resturant!How many people?man:2.waiter:oh,I see.Please

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1.what can i do for you?别人回答,i want a cup of tall latte ( 如果是中杯的拿铁的话)how much.2,然后你说要告诉人家多少钱,这个不要我说吧,价钱都不一样.3.如果你要找零前给别人的话,说,here your change.人家会说thank you,4,你说

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Can I help you.Yes, I want to have some tomato.I am hungary.Ok,and do you want to another food Mm…oh,I want to some potato and some rice , too.Ok.just meeting.

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Have you got a table for two,please?请问您有两个人的桌子吗?Have you booked a table?您预定餐桌了吗?Have you made a reservation?您预定了吗?smoking or non-smoking?吸烟区还是非吸烟区?Would you lik

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Having A Dinner in A Restaurant Waiter:Good evening.Do you have a reservation?Tom:No,we don''t.Waiter:How many people are you together?Tom:Just two persons.来源:考

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How can I order the dises when going to a restaurant for dinner?

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A:This is C.B:Nice to meet you.C:Nice to meet you,too.A:Waiter,we want something to eat.W:What do you want,sir?B:We want some rice,please.C:And some beef.W:OK.D

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what are you doing?i am having dinner.where are you from i am from frace

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