Does anyone else have an obsession with winning?


Does anyone else have an obsession with winning?
I don't know if it's like THAT bad of an obsession,or I am just a competitive person..But when I run track or any sport really..I don't take 2nd place for an answers.Which is why I prefer individual sports because the only person you can blame is yourself..but it's in my mind that it's First Place or nothing..I know people are like do it for fun!But i enjoy it..but I enjoy it A LOT more when I'm winning.And it is about winning,because we wouldn't be competing for 1st place if it weren't.
I also would like to make it professionally..and I usually achieve anything I want because I have it in my mind set that I can reach this bad?
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it's ok.but u can also have a lot of fun with team work.
just try it.good luck!