I have difficulty( )(work)out the mach problem

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I have difficulty( )(work)out the mach problem


(in) working
have difficulty (in) doing sth 做某事有困难
再问: 填什么??
再答: 如果是一个空格,就填 working I have difficulty (working) out the mach problem 如果是两个空格,就一个填in,另一个填 working. I have difficulty ( in ) (working) out the mach problem


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  1. You can not imagine the difficulty they had ____ the problem

    答案选 A.to solve; so
  2. 做某事有困难have difficulty in doing还是difficultieshave problem in

    都是单数have difficulty in doing;have problem in doing
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    1 I had ___ trouble ___ this problem no in2 ___ is not an easy job ___ master a foreign language.It to3 He ___ the army ten years ___.4 The old fisherman earned
  4. have trouble doing 和have problem doing 和have difficulty doin

    都不加I have trouble doing Math problems.I have difficulty doing Math problems.I have problem solving puzzles.
  5. It's difficult for him to work out this maths problem 同义句是什么

    He [ has ] [ difficulty ] [ working ] out this maths problemhave difficulty (in)doing 做……有困难
  6. 改为同义句:he can work out the math problem easily

    He has no difficulty in solving the math problem.
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    She did her homework by herself this time.this book doesn't belong to me.they have difficulty in working out the problem They weren't able to work out the probl
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  10. 1、我做出这道题有困难.

    1,I have difficulty in working out the problem.=It's difficult for me to work out this problem.2,Who do you think will win our respect?3,we are surprised at his
  11. He made it in the end.but he didn't explain to us what great

    have difficulty (in) doing somethingHe didn't explain to us he had had great difficulty (in) working out the problem.
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