The little girl likes to play on the s_____


The little girl likes to play on the s_____




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  1. he likes to be in the s_____

    He likes to be in the school
  2. 用英文翻译句子:He likes reading books.So does she.

    He likes reading books.She likes reading books,too.
  3. Jane likes go shopping with her mother.这句话对吗.还是go要变成goes

    like doinggo doing都是固定结构
  4. 翻译:little sam likes to eat in mcdonald's.he often eats a fis

  5. (B)   Sam likes fish very much .He often buys fish in the sh

    6.D 是Sam的妻子的朋友吃了鱼.7.C 到家.8.A 是的.他把好妻子和猫都一起带到他家附近的商店里,目的是揭穿他妻子的把戏.9.A 见文章最后一行This cat weighs one,too.10.B Sam买了这么多次鱼,却一次也没吃上,他生气了.不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!
  6. Tom likes eggs ,oranges and bananas for breakfast.(就划线部分提问)

    (What ) ( does )Tom( like )for breakfast?(What ) (do /did )they(have )for breakfast?
  7. sister likes reading,she has many books in () room A.he

    1.Din her room 在她房间2.CI will show her around 我会带她转转3.C雨后有彩虹不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢! 再问: you () go shopping with me? A.want B.want to C.wants D./ 2.i have two () o
  8. likes works starts students says friends newspaper lessons e

  9. 英语翻译Ⅰ.根据所给音标,写出适当的单词.1.\x05Rose likes swimming _________ / &

    1.\x05Rose likes swimming and_ / ænd / drawing a lot.2.\x05Mrs Brown went to work by boating / bəut / three years ago.【原本boat3.\x05My cousin / `kʌ
  10. she likes reading books改为否定句,怎么改?.

    she does not like reading books.
  11. She likes reading books.(改为否定句)

    She doesn't like reading books.
  12. She likes reading books (改为一般疑问句)

    Does she like reading books?
  13. he likes game slows talk shows.改为选择问句 she likes reading book

    第一句:what does he like,game slows talk shows or painting shows?第二句:She likes reading books.she love reading books.
  14. she likes reading books谓语是什么

    like 谓语就是动词呀
  15. Mrs Wang wants a big ___.She likes flowers very much

    garden 花园
  16. 英语阅读题Nobody likes staying at home on a holiday-especially if

  17. 英语翻译()My twin sister Ann likes drawing picture and making ki

    Dear Liu Yun,亲爱的刘云I am happy to have a new pen pal.很高兴有了新的笔友I live in Australia.我住在澳大利亚I like swimming,diving,and riding my bike.我喜欢游泳,潜水,骑自行车My twin sister Ann
  18. 英语翻译My brother likes blue but he doesn't like red.Why do the

  19. 请问Jane likes singing.She is often heard _______ after class.

    B hear sb do sth .sb is heard to do sth感官动词变为被动语态要加to