let’s smile to life 一篇英语作文,但是长一点.


let’s smile to life 一篇英语作文,但是长一点.
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Life can be easy and life can be hard, but not matter what, when you smile, it will get better. When I was just a little kid, I loved candies so much that I cannot stop eating them. My parents worried about my teeth so that they decided not to keep any candies at our home. This was a big problem for me at first since I cannot get candies. However, I figured out a way very soon to solve this problem--I asked for candies from our neighbors, of course, with a big smile and this worked every time. Later, I heard a saying that "you could get away with anything if you smile". I guess that is right!
Now that I'm older, my problems grew bigger too. They are much more than not having enough candies. It seems that I can never read enough books to get high enough scores. Every morning, I make myself stand in front of the miror and then give myself a big smile. Somehow, this routine always cheers me up. It feels like that I can decide to be happy or not happy and I'm capable of controling my own mood.
And as time goes on, I will get older and older, and the problems that I will face with will get bigger and bigger. I'm not sure that I will always have the perfect solution to every one of the problems, however, I know one thing, that is I can always smile to the problems, to myself, and to life.