8道英语介词选择题这些是我做错的题目,请问选什么?为什么?(主要是为什么)(1)I made the coat ___m

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(1)I made the coat ___my own hands.It was made___hand,not with a machine.
[A]in/in [B]in/with [C]with/by [D]with/with
(2)The old man died___cold___a cold night.
[A]from/at [B]of/in [C]of/on [D]for/during
(3)Does John know any other foreign languages ___French?
[A]except [B]but [C]besides [D]beside
(4)Did you have any trouble ___the post office?
[A]to have found [B]with finding [C]to find [D]in finding
(5)To tell you the truth,I have nothing to do ___it.
[A]about [B]with [C]for [D]of
(6)__the students likes the paintings.Which is wrong?
[A]The teacher as well as [B]Nobody but [C]The teacher besides [D]All except
(7)Henry,___Mary and Tom,is coming to China for a visit.which is wrong?
[A]together with [B]like [C]and not [D]but in addition to
(8)We offered him our congratulations___this passing the college entrance exams.
[A]at [B]on [C]for [D]of


1、C 亲手做的:with my own hands 用手做的:by hand
2、C die of 表示因什么而死;具体某天的早中晚用on
3、C 表示“除...之外还有...”
4、D have trouble in doing sth 表示“做...有困难”
5、B have nothing to do with:与...无关
6、B 当主语有with, along with, together with, like, except, but, rather than, as well as 等词组成的短语时,谓语动词与前面的主语部分一致
7、C 因为谓语动词是is单数
8、B congratulations on sth. 庆祝...


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