Now that the rain------,let’s go and play football.A.will st


Now that the rain______,let’s go and play football.A.will stop B.has stopped
Now that the rain______,let’s go and play football.
A.will stop B.has stopped stopping D.was stopping
The taxi driver was seriously hurt in the accident and he______to the hospital in
no time.
A.took B.would take C.was taken D.has taken
The reporter asked the pupils_______. many trees they have planted many trees they had planted many trees have they planted many trees had they planted
John didn’t go to work.He played cards at home(保持句意基本不变)
John played cards at home_____ _____going to work.
“When will the meeting start?” I asked the monitor.(合并为一句)I asked the monitor_______the meeting________ start.
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1 B
2 C 前后时态要一至( 被动语态)
3 B 主句是一般过去时,从句要用相应的过去时,且是陈述语序.
4 instead of
5 when ,would
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