Does GhaoSan go to bed late?Yes,he does.But Mike go to bed l


Does GhaoSan go to bed late?Yes,he does.But Mike go to bed late than him.


正确的说法是Does GhaoSan go to bed late?Yes,he does.But Mike goes to bed later than him.


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    neither does MikeSo + be/助动词/情态动词 + 主语:表示不同的主语有着相同的肯定的情况.而Neither + be/助动词/情态动词 + 主语:表示不同的主语有着相同的否定的情况.
  2. Sorry for being late again.__here on time next time,or you'l

    A 再问: 为什么啊 再答: Be here on time next time是一个祈使句,表示请求,命令的语气 知道祈使句吧,以动词原型开头的句子就是祈使句,还有不懂的,请问~~
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    1、缺谓语动词,late是形容词,不能作谓语,这里是作表语,故 often late前,应加系动词 is.2、 late 改为later.
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  5. it's okay if you arrive a bit late 可以把 bit 换成 little not a l

    可以把 bit 换成 littlenot a little =very 非常not a bit= not at all一点也不
  6. Do you know where West Late is?还是Do you know where is West L

    当然是第一个Do you know where West Late is?
  7. so l had no time to go over my lessons.l got up very late th

    so 去掉because加在l got up very late this morning 之前
  8. l got up late this morning.l_____ (上学迟到了)

    l got up late this morning.l__was late for school./ I went to school late.___ (上学迟到了)
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    Did Mike use to get up late on Sunday morning?
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    这句就用简单过去式 made理由其实也很简单,不需要想得过于复杂.教科书中试图用科学方法归纳出一些 “理论” ,来剖析什么时候该用过去时,什么时候用完成时,乃至有 “过去发生或已完成的动作,对现在所造成的影响或后果” 这样的说法.在实践中则不然,这些完全是视语境的需要而定.例如:I‘ve been to China m
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    A:Hi.Lucy.L:Hi,Ann.A;Lucy,may I ask you some quessions?L:Sure.A:What's your favorite star?L:Jay Chou.He is my favorite star.A:Jay Chou.Hmm...Why do you like him
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