all of them( ) the work of children s education .A devoted t

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all of them( ) the work of children s education .A devoted to B devote C devpte themselves D were devoted to 这里各个选项详解


devote 是及物动词
一般用作devote sb/sth to doing/n 的形式
没to 的选项统统排除,BC都错
又因为devote 是及物动词,所以A错


与《all of them( ) the work of children s education .A devoted t》相关的作业问题

  1. A dancer and singer ( )to teach the children how to dance an

    C be doing sth.表示将来
  2. you will haveto be ( ) with a “problem children”谁知道中间填什么啊?

    patient 耐心的
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    24 A 固定搭配21 B programmes是复数22 D 27 A28 C 这题怪怪的
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    1 how deal with 2 to clean up 绝对是对的 有不会欢迎问我
  5. 1Tom ()fed the disabled children ()told stories to them

    Tom (often,经常) fed the disabled children (and,并且) told stories to them.汤姆经常给那些残疾儿童吃的,并给他们讲故事.第一空可能会填其他表示频度的副词.
  6. The ()are very happy.children childs child选择!

  7. When l ()the farm,the children had started ()the apples

    1.A reach 是及物动词,arrive on 也可以,start doing\ to do 2.A she 自然不能选BD,时态为现在时
  8. 如果在一篇英语短文中,有一句话:He is( )father of four children.用a还是用the?

  9. Mr.and Mrs.smith often( )their children to zhongshan park

  10. mr.smith made up his mind to devote all he had to () schools

    B.seting up少了个up吧,没猜错的话
  11. The idea for the new machine came to Mr.Baker( )to his inven

    我觉得选A.因为 devoted to sth.是固定搭配,而且主从句中的主语都很明确.C是错的,因为时间状语从句里面缺少主语.while devoting himself .只有主从句的主语一样的时候才可以省略从句中的主语,但是C句子里面的主句的主语是The idea,从句里面的主语是人,很明显不一致,所以
  12. The flowers are in front of( ).I do my homework after supper

    The flowers are in front of(mothes ).I do my homework after supper but my cousin(doesn't ).Who( has )a bicycle.The children( are shining )a bicycle.Mr Smith wal
  13. 【英语选择题】It's()to spend a few hours exercising after()work.

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  15. Children should drink more cold ( )water in sum

  16. 英语一道~at the end of zhe school year,there is an ( )of all the

  17. 英语几道填空根据首字母和上下文用适当的单词填空1.Now many parents get t( )to help th

    1.Now many parents get themselves to help their children with their study 2.Maybe you should call“Teen Talk”,the radio avoid program 3.My aunt works in a school
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