Can not you wait till this afternoon?中的till是什么意思

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Can not you wait till this afternoon?中的till是什么意思


意识和untill一样,直到.只是till不能放在句首 你能等到我今天下午吗 not...till(untill)直到...才


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  1. can't you wait till this afternoon 的完全式

    can you not wait till this afternoon?
  2. She ____ ping-pong with Jim this afternoon.中答案是“play”,但是可不可以

    可以.因为this afternoon 是表示过去的时间短语 再问: 那如果“this afternoon”是表示过去的时间短语,为什么答案是“play”捏~?难道是答案错了吗?? 再答: 答案错了。因为She 是第三人称单数再问: 那“will play”对吗?? 再答: 对。 因为this afternoon 也可
  3. I will go to the park with you this afternoon 中的with you作什么成

    (表示关系)和…在一起 Would you like to go to the street with me?看看合适不
  4. father afternoon 中a的读音是否相同?

  5. It is six o'clock in the afternoon.中的主谓宾是什么

    主是IT.不过这里没有实际含义,不翻译成 “它”,就是指时间谓是IS.是联系动词.没有宾,因为宾语是及物动词或介词后面才用的.six o'clock 是表语.in the afternoon是时间状语.总的来说.这句话是系表结构的.如果你不懂,那么就看看这个.
  6. What about going climbing this afternoon? 中,为什么用going?

    what about后加doing 是句型 about是介词所以用动名词形式
  7. The twins were at school yearerday afternoon.中对yesterday aft

    When were the twins at school?
  8. look at the clouds.It will p____ rain this afternoon.中的p____

  9. We have a biology this afternoon.中哪里错了?

    We have biology this afternoon.We have biology class this afternoon.We have a biology class this afternoon.
  10. 请问later in the afternoon 中的later词性是什么?

  11. If you plays tennis this afternoon中play为什么加s

  12. we will go for a picnic in the park later in the afternoon 中

  13. i can wait till this afternoon,这句话可不可以理解为wait是不及物动词,后面的this

    wait 本身是不及物动词,常与for搭配,wait for somebody,表示等待某人.但是这句话的this afternoon 不是宾语,till this afternoon 是作时间状语,这句话可以翻译成,我可以等,直到今天下午之前.
  14. she can watch tv this afternoon.中的this afternoon用什么提问 ------

    When can对于时间的提问
  15. kangkang meets Baby Monkey on his way in the afternoon.中 Bab

    Baby Monkey 是在这这句中中表达的是专有名词 宝贝猴,所以大写了希望对你有帮组哦~
  16. We have sports for ( a ) an hour every afternoon中填什么

    可以是about也可以填around都表示大概一个小时.about an hour跟around an hour意思大抵相同.We have sports for ( about/ around) an hour every afternoon译:我们每天下午做大概进行一个小时的体育锻炼
  17. Maybe i can not get the reply until/till this afternoon.Is t

    对的not ..until...直到..才...意思是:可能我要到今天下午才能得到回复.
  18. 插入语还是同位语?I take Tina,the dog,for a walk every afternoon.中 th

  19. it seems as if it is going to rain this afternoon 中的seems 改为