1.Step up to better health 2.Ways to win 3.Symbols of Americ


1.Step up to better health 2.Ways to win 3.Symbols of America 求三篇对话 每篇有4个角色
1.Step up to better health
Exercise is important for both the body and the mind.However,many people do not realize the importance of exercise and live a passive life,which generates many negative effects physically and mentally.
1.What are the benefits of exercise on people’s health?
2.Do you have any exercise problems?What’s your exercise program?
3.How to live a healthy life?
2.Ways to win
All roads lead to Rome.It means that there are many different ways to achieve the same goal.Ideas about success are relative to culture and vary depending upon where we are,what we teach and how we teach it.The demands of an ever-changing world require that we constantly evaluate our education system and experiment with creative ways of educating for success.
1.What’s moral (quality) education?Is it applicable in present China?
2.Do you think going to college is the best way to win success?Why?
3.By the teacher’s standard,how can we be good students?
3.Symbols of America
A symbol is the sign or mark that is looked upon as representing something.The symbols describe and exemplify the qualities of one’s culture and people and the values people share.
1.What are the symbols of Amerian culture?
2.What does a nation value as her symbols?
3.In your opinion,what can be regarded as symbols of China?
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