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你的朋友 李华
Dear Tim:
Our school hopes we senior three students over the weekend to the school, the students were different views, some people approve of, some people oppose. Those who believe that, learning atmosphere is very good, problems can also immediately with classmates. Opponents think, school conditions as home comfortable, vulnerable to interference when learning. I think every week, do you think?
Your friend Li Hua.
再问: 全是机器翻译啊。。不过我已经解决了。


[ 英语 ] 假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,你校于10月8日举行了50周年校庆活动。作为学校英语报刊的一名记者,请你根据下列

On October 8th we celebrated our school’s 50th anniversary. A great number of former students and retired teachers came to the celebration. In the morning, teac

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是高三学生李华,john 是你的笔友,他想了解一下你们学校的情况和校训.该怎么写?

Dear John , You said that you want to know something about my school . Let me tell you now .I am studying in No.1 High School . And I am a member of Grade Three

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[ 英语 ] 假设你是高一学生李华.月考之后,你的英语老师Ms shen希望了解每位同学的英语学习情况,并征求教学建议?请按以下要点用

Dear Ms Shen,I’m very happy to have you as our English teacher.As the world is become a global village,English is getting more and more important,so mastering E

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是某中学高三学生李华,刚刚收到美国笔友Sarah发来的一封电子邮件,请你用英语给她回复一封邮件,具体内容包括:

不唯一Dear Sarah,I’m very glad to receive your last e-mail. At your request, I’d like to tell you something about my school life.This year I am Senior 3, and I hav

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[ 英语 ] 【急】高一英语作文假如你是高一(2)班学生李华,向你的美国笔友Alice介绍中国的春节.内容包括春节的日期、庆祝活动(如

Spring FestivalDear Alice ,I'm so glad to introduce the Sring Festival for you.The celebration of Spring Festival may commonly last for 7 days,which is higlight

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[ 英语 ] 英语作文 假如你是新华中学的学生李华,前不久你的美国笔友Jack给你来信与你交流有关低碳生活的话题.请

Dear Jack I received your letter not long ago. pollution has become a serious problem to us. It means that the air, seas, rivers and land are polluted by waste

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是Lily的学生李华,给你英国的笔友Ben写信、介绍你的老师

111111111111110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000111111111111111111 nnnnnnoooooolll12

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[ 英语 ] 假如你高一学生李华.最某,某英语报刊正在进行“怎样才算是一名好学生”的讨论.请你用英语给该报编辑写封信,从以下几个方面淡

Dear editor, My name is Li Hua.As a middle school student,I enjoy studying and I spend plenty of time in my study.What's more, I make great progress in math.I a

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[ 英语 ] 求一篇英语作文:假如你是北京五中的学生李华,准备去英国做一年的交换生,希望在学校附近找个寄宿家庭.


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[ 英语 ] 急,英语作文,假设你是李华,上周日去动物园,看到游客对动物乱扔石子甚至往一头熊头上泼水,对此你感到非常气愤,现在请你用英

Dear sir/madamLast Sunday,my sister and I paid a visit to the GuangMing zoo .There were so many animals in it,We pandas,tigers ,monkeys,elephants and so on,but

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是安阳一中的学生李华,你的美国笔友Jane给你来信想了解中国人过春节的情况。请你给他写一封回信,简单介绍中国人过春


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[ 英语 ] 假如你是九年级学生李华,给美国的笔友David写一封80字左右的信,介绍你校毕业班的学习情况。内容要点如下:

Dear David How are you? I am going to leave school in a month.,so all the students are busy studying hard sons. Our teachers are very strict with us and very ki

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是新华中学学生李华,你的美国笔友John发来邮件询问你课余时间安排,请给他回一封e-ma要点包括:

I spare time activities is very rich, I will exercise the body, such as running, swimming, I also will use their spare time reading books, watching English movi

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[ 英语 ] 假设你叫李华,你的美国笔友Jenny得知第16届亚运会将于2010年在广州举行,来信询问亚运会吉祥物的相关情况,请根据下

Dear Jenny,I’m glad to tell you something about the five mascots of the 16th Asian Games—A Xiang , A He, A Ru, A Yi and Le Yang yang. These five lovely goats ha

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[ 英语 ] 书面表达假设你是光明中学的高一年级的李华,你班里有一名同学叫张明,他因一时无法融入新的班级集体而感到很苦恼。请根据下列要

不唯一Zhang Ming,I know you are now having trouble communicating with others, and you may often feel lonely. That’s because we are all new here and our classmates

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[ 英语 ] 假如你是李华,你的澳大利亚笔友Martin写信向你询问高中一年级开学近三个月来的学习生活情况。请根据下列提示给他写一封回

Dear Martin,How time flies! It is almost 3 months since I entered senior high school. I’m happy to tell you something about my school life.My school is fifty ki

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[ 英语 ] 如你叫李华,你的美国笔友jack给你寄来生日礼物(一支钢笔),并询问你的近况。请给他写一封回信表示感谢。注意:80字词左

再答: 亲,对我的回答满意的话,就给个好评吧。如果还有不清楚的地方,可以跟我继续交流哦。 再答: Dear Juck How are you? I 'm glad to hear from you again. Thank you for giving me a pen i like this pen sty

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[ 英语 ] 哪位大哥大姐帮忙写一遍高一的英语作文,假如你是第一中学的学生李华,你发现一些同学又不良的饮食习惯.如 不吃早餐,吃太多垃

Even as a child I had a musical bent, and enjoyed playing the piano. In high school I dreamed of playing the guitar in a rock band, but because of the pressure

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[ 英语 ] 英语作文假设你是高三学生李华高考后暑假安排

Hi,I am LiHua.You know,high school life is coming to an end.Intense life is also coming to an end, I want to relax myself on my holidays.I have planed many thin

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