we n____ some warm c____ in winter in beijing?what do p___ u

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we n____ some warm c____ in winter in beijing?what do p___ usually do in winter in beijing?


need climate people


与《we n____ some warm c____ in winter in beijing?what do p___ u》相关的作业问题

  1. Your Dad needs some warm clothes ____ winter in Beijing.A,to

  2. he went somewhere warm for last winter vacation 还是 went to s

    went to . 再问: ����һ���� ���ס����� ��Ҳ����ô��� ���Ǵ�ȴ��û��to 再答: ��������һ���ĸ�����˳��ѡ�ĸ������û��to��������Ϊ��һ������ʱ��Ҫ˵go to somewhere������һ���ȥʽ��ʱ̬��һ��
  3. We can wear warm clothes in winter.(对 wear warm clothes 提问)

    What do you think/supposed we should wear in cold winter?
  4. You need_(wear) warm clothes in winter.

    You need to wear warm clothes in winter.
  5. need some warm clothes for winter是什么意思

  6. __in beijing,people usually put on warm clothers.A winter B

    B在某个季节前,用介词in在冬天的北京,人们通常穿上暖和的衣服in in在城市里,用介词in 再问: it is colder _____ beijing than ______nanjing in winter A \ \ B \ in C in\ D in in 再答: in in 上面已经给你回答了再问: 3q
  7. I need some warm clothes for winter.I need some warm clothes

  8. I need some warm clothes for winter.(改为一般疑问句) My father ofte

    Do you need any warm clothes for winter?一般现在时,主语不是单三,句首加助动词Do,疑问句把some变成any,What does your father often do?一般现在时,主语单三,句首加助动词Does,后接动词原形do
  9. we wear warm clothes in winter.(对warm提问)

    应该写What clothes
  10. needs,for,your,warm,some,dad,winter,clothes.连成句子的答案

    Dad needs some warm clothes for winter. 再问: needs,for,your,warm,some,dad,winter,clothes.连成句子的答案 再答: Your dad needs some warm clothes for winter.
  11. 选择、6.It's really____in winter in Beijing.A.warm B.cool C.col

    CCBCA 希望可以帮到你!
  12. 会的教教我根据首字母填空.1.People don't like the dry c____ in winter.2.T

    1.People don't like the dry climate winter.2.There is going to be a maths test tomorrow morning.3.My mother thinks my bed is uncomfortable.She will buy me a com
  13. 英语翻译[ ]we need some warmer clothes ___ the winter in beijing

    C D C B A欢迎追问.
  14. 英语啊英语,完形填空It is winter in Beijing.The( )is windy and cold.Pe

    英语啊英语,完形填空啊完形填空,楼主好可爱~weather warm his time the too with men/people some happy
  15. 1It s ______ in winter in beijing.The weather is c_____.

    snow coldAutumnspringcold fevermedicinestomachache
  16. why don't you like winter in Beijing because it is==== winte

    a warm and wet 再问: A as cold as B much colder than C not so cold as D not colder than 再答: 汗…… B
  17. 英语作文:Winter in Beijing ,初级一水平的

    Winter in Beijing is cold and chilly.It is too cold to play outside,people have to wear coats and scarves to keep warm so that it is hard for them to do any spo
  18. It's very cold in winter in Beijing.(画线处为very cold,画线处提问) 5个

    [How cold is the weather] in winter in Beijing?即北京冬天的天气冷到什么程度.针对形容词划线提问的思路一般第一反应是how开头
  19. What do you often do in winter in Beijing?怎么回答

    I often go skiing and skating.