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When do you usually come to school?



  1. visits year twice me or she once a 连词成句

    She visits me once or twice a yea
  2. in,not,her are,five,than,there,more,room,house,连词成句

    There are not more than five rooms in her house.
  3. 用brush l twice my a teeth day 连词成句

    I brush my teeth twice a day!我每天刷两次牙!
  4. 连词成句 a day,tim,his teeth,brushes,twice

    Tim brushes his teeth twice a day .Tim一天刷2次牙
  5. my,water,I,flowers,a,day,twice怎样连词成句

    I water my flowers twice a day我一天浇两次花
  6. day the water every flower .(连词成句)

    day the water every flower .(连词成句)【Water the flowers every day】. 意为:每天浇花 希望对你有帮助祝学习进步
  7. 英语连词成句helps me English with she once a week

    She helps me with English once a week
  8. younger is she brother than her one year连词成句

    She is one year younger than her brother她比她的哥哥小1岁
  9. 连词成句.1.so,is,grandma,over,retire,going,is,to,next,she,year,s

    1.My grandma is over sixty,so she is going to retire next year.2.Jacky used to collect stamps when he was a boy.3.Are you interested in polular music?4.Our phys
  10. 连词成句 1.must she forty least be at 2.not he is than more twen

    1.must she forty least be at She must be at least forty2.not he is than more twenty-fiveHe is not more than twenty-five3.I invited man to that house my yesyerda
  11. there,is,a,in,this,room,house,spare 连词成句

    There is a spare room in this house
  12. 连词成句 there,go,the,does not,teacher 按英语词典编排单词的方法,将下列单词重新排序 1.

    The teacher dose not go there.6,4,12,15,13,9,7,5,10,8,14,1,3,11,2
  13. we,brush,a,twice,teeth,should,our,day(连词成句)

    we should brush our teeth twice a day
  14. once,week,some,a,exercise,students,twice,or,连词成句

    some students exercise once a week or twice.
  15. never,he,has,to,Hong Kong,he,been,has(连词成句)

    He has never been to Hong Kong.他从未去过香港.有两个he has,请问是打错了吗? 再问: 没有 再答: 但是这样一来就会有一个he 和一个 has无处可填。 也许可以用反意疑问句。 He has never been to HongKong, has he? 他从未去过香港,是吗? 再
  16. I,a,twice,my,water,flower,day(.)连词成句

    I water my flower twice a day
  17. 连词成句;day,every,I,water,seeds,flower,the

    i water the flower seeds everyday
  18. 连词成句:and,water,this,drink,medicine,more,take.

    Take this medicine and drink more water 吃这些药多喝水
  19. went,she,lianhua,to,mountain,mouth,last,(.)连词成句

    she went to lianhua mountain last month不是mouth
  20. went,Sunday,to,the,last,Wendy,cinema,said,she,that(.)(连词成句)

    Wendy said that she went to the cinema last Sunday. 翻译:Wendy说她上周星期日去了电影院.希望对你有帮助.