our future life英语作文怎么写?



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our future life英语作文一

    With the development of science and technology, our lives have changed a lot in the past century. Many things that woul dn't happen before have come into reality now.

    Therefore, our lives will change as well in the future. Our pace of live will greatly speed up, because we will help many machines to finish our work. Many things can be done autonomously. 

    Therefore, people will have more time for fun. People can travel the outer space freely. Space shuttle can bring people to planets far from the earth. Human beings may live in other planets. 

    Besides, our environment will be much better than now, because some effective measures are taken to protect the environment. Earth is still a beautiful home for human.






our future life英语作文二

    I'm always thinking what our future life would be. I think it must getting more better than now.In the future , there must have some more advanced vehicles,so depend on these , we can use less time to travel a lot of places. And school life would be more interesting. Teacher can teach us more effectively.I'm really looking forward to our future life.






our future life英语作文三

    People will be become more and more richer in the future. Everything will change. For example: we didn't go to schoool for study, we only stay at home to teach ourselves with computer. No matter where we want to go, we only have a thought. We can go to other plannets without anyone's help. If we want to buy something, we only press a key,a robbet will help us.I think our life in the future will be more interesting and wonderful.