let's protect the wildlife演讲稿



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On earth, except human beings, what else? Yes, there are animal. But after several years, animal numbers decreased gradually. Human beings have no regard animal as a friend?

  Animal and human should be good friends, but why animal and human enemies? Is because people don't send in the eyes of the animal. Such as the cow. With cow dairy production such as human, cow milk can not time, humans will put the cow to brutally kill. Cow's milk, will not be released? The cow is also a vivid life ah! In recent years the "plague, AIDS, mad cow disease, avian flu", these are a harbinger of animal who respond! The meeting has also had the third world war? Our ancestors is an animal! If human beings don't stop this killing the animal behavior, is the mother of our area heavy blow ah!

  Home we don't damage animal now, so they can feel at ease to animal reproduction. Animal friends, also have a piece of blue sky, let the bird fly freely; to the animal a piece of green grass, let the cattle and sheep running merrily; also a world of waters animal, allow the animal to be light of heart from care to swim in the ocean. Perhaps, this can soothe animal were wounded soul. Animal originally bad, but human destruction of their homes, these are just their effects on human "revenge".

  Friends, let us work together to protect animal!