1.I didn't get any letters yesterday,but there were---- this


1.I didn't get any letters yesterday,but there were____ this morning.
(A) few
(B) a few
(C) little
(D) a little
2.As the bus came round the corner,it ran ______ a big tree by the roadside.
(A) over
(B) on
(C) into
(D) up
3.There are shops on _____ side of the street.________ of them do not close till 12 at night.
(A) both; All
(B) every; None
(C) either; Some
(D) other; Many
4.______ the War of Independence,the United States was an English colony.
(A) Before
(B) At
(C) Between
(D) In
5.Would you like___ more coffee?
(A) another
(B) some
(C) any
(D) little
6.The pen is hers.Pass it to____,please.
(A) she
(B) herself
(C) hers
(D) her
7.You have a good room,I should say.But it's not as big as___.
(A) my
(B) me
(C) I
(D) mine
8.The man missed the bus.____ is why he was late for the meeting.
(A) It
(B) All
(C) That
(D) This
9.On average,a successful lawyer has to talk to several ______ a day.
(A) customers
(B) supporters
(C) guests
(D) clients
10.If she wants to stay thin,she must make a ______ in her diet.
(A) run
(B) turn
(C) change
(D) go
11.Have you seen___ pen,a black one?
(A) these
(B) my
(C) you
(D) hers
12.I'm not busy.I haven't ____ to do.
(A) something
(B) anything
(C) nothing
(D) everything
13.Tom,what did you do with my documents?I have never seen such a ______ and disorder!
(A) guess
(B) bus
(C) mass
(D) mess
14.We ____ at the party last Sunday.
(A) enjoyed ourselves
(B) enjoy myself
(C) enjoyed myself
(D) enjoyed ourself
15.Listen to me.I have____ to tell you.
(A) nothing new
(B) something new
(C) anything new
(D) new something
16.Mr Smith has two sons.____ is a soldier,___ is a doctor.
(A) One; another
(B) One; other
(C) This; the other
(D) One; the other
17.____ one do you like,the blue one or the red one?
(A) What
(B) Which
(C) This
(D) That
18.He apologized to me for hitting me___ face.
(A) on the
(B) at the
(C) in my
(D) in the
19.Hurry up!There is____ time left.
(A) little
(B) a few
(C) a little
(D) few
20.What is the train _____ to Birmingham?
(A) fare
(B) tip
(C) fee
(D) cost
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