Read the following passage and then answer the questions


Read the following passage and then answer the questions
Mr Johnson is having trouble with his stomach,so he goes to see a aoctor.But the doctor can't find any problem.Then he says,"Wall,there's nothing serious.Stop smoking and then you'll be all right very soon."
"But doctor,"answers Mr Johnson,"I never smoke.I don't like smoking at all."
"Oh,I see,"says the doctor,"then stop drinking alcohol."
"But I don't drink alcohol,"answers Mr Johnson.
"Don't drink too much coffee then,"the doctor says to him.
"I usually drink water,"answers Mr Johnson."I never like tea or coffee."
The doctor thinks for a while and then says,"Wall,what do you like to eat then?"
"Potatoes.I always have potatoes for breakfast,lunch and supper,"Mr Johnson answers.
"All right,then stop eating potatoes,"says the doctor as he gets up to say goodbye to Mr Johnson.
1.What is wrong with Mr Johnson?( )
2.Does Mr Johnson smoke?( )
3.How often does Mr Johnson have potatoes?
4.Do you think Mr Johnson has a healthy lifestyle?Why or why not?( )
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1.He has trouble with his stomach.
2.No,he doesn't smoke.
3.He almost have potatoes everyday.
4.Yes,I think so. Because he doesn't smoke and drink alcohol and he doesn't drink too much coffee.