I'm sorry to kept you waiting long Never mind.I _ here for o


I'm sorry to kept you waiting long Never mind.I _ here for only a few minutes.
A.have been B.have come C.have arrived D.waited
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B和C的come 和arrive都不是持续性动词.而for only a few minutes说明前面要用完成时态.故选A.


[ 英语 ] Once Einstein was waiting for one of his friends.While he wa


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[ 英语 ] wherever you go~whatever you do~l Will be right here waiting

不管你去向何方,不管你从事何事,我都在这里等你回来 再问: 你的回答完美的解决了我的问题,谢谢!

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[ 英语 ] ---Have you finished your work yet?---No,not yet.I think it’


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[ 英语 ] 你怎样看待那些经常让你等的同学?的英文翻译

How do you think of your classmates who always keep you waiting?

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[ 英语 ] While we_____(wait)for the bus,a girl _____(run) up to us怎么填

were waitingran

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[ 英语 ] 特殊疑问句变宾语从句(八年级)

Please tell him how he can get to the supermarket.Could you tell me what your name is?The teacher asked how often she exercises.Could you tell me where the post

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[ 英语 ] 我希望我现在已经等到了我要等的人 用英语怎么说

I hope that I have found the one that I am always waiting for.

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[ 英语 ] 十年后的我要英语60个单词左右谢谢我会干谢你的要快啊

I'm graduated from university.I look for job with passion.But the there are too many people also waiting the jobs.

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[ 英语 ] leave sb sth for anyone who would _ him a coin or a cup of t

B.leave.仅leave后可直接跟双宾语.句型:send sb.to sp.leave sb.sth./doing sth.fill sb./sth.with sth.provide sb.with sth.provide sth.for sb.

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[ 英语 ] 英语作文,求写 我很高兴收到你的来信.我已经知道了你问题了.对于这个问题,我给你以下几条建议

I'm glad to hear from you.i have already know your problems. For this question, i give you some advices.First of all, you have to prepare very well before your

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译如下:You have to be very patient,sometimes waiting for mon

你必须要很有耐心,甚至有时得等上几个月,但是Briggsiana的确在一年内会在ebay上出现几次.然而,如果要寄到香港就要取决於每个国家关於进口/出口的不同规定.这样可以吗? 再问: 谢谢,帮我回复一下他哈,翻译下面中文回复他: 好的,我明白了,我会再关注下ebay,谢谢你 再答: ok, I understand.

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译I am waiting the bus 改成被动语态怎么改?

I am waiting for the bus 改成被动语态:the bus is being waited for (by me )这是现在进行时的被动be being done保证正确,我是看到有人复制一个莫名其妙的回答,才回答的.

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[ 综合 ] 一首女生唱的英文歌 里面有句歌词是 DJ DJ what waiting for 什么什么 i can take it

Britney Spears——Till the world ends 这是她的新专辑《Femme Fatale》里面的歌基本都这个风格,喜欢的话可以都听一下http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&rf=top-oldsong&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=

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[ 综合 ] 最好听的摇滚英文歌像是still waiting类型的是类型的,不是一个乐队的.

艾薇儿的,乔邦威的,queen乐队的,还有英国摇滚乐队athlet 美国小乐队no use for a name 都不错

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译I'm just waiting on our freight company I will let you k


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[ 英语 ] We have been waiting here a long time for the guest.

做时间状语.不能用longtime,the long time,some long time代替,但可以用long或some time代替.希望对你有所帮助.

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[ 英语 ] waiting for u my


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[ 英语 ] 1.I work in a business __almost everyone is waiting for a gr

1.c almost everyone is waiting for a great chance.是一个完整的句子 故用where引导.因为which 和that 要在句子中做成分 而这里almost everyone is waiting for a great chance.是一个完整的句子.不需要其他词.2.c

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[ 英语 ] 英语翻译i will waiting for you with my whole heart you have been


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