I bought a hat for my sister 的同义句

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I bought a hat for my sister 的同义句


I bought my sister a hat.


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  1. 四、按要求变换句子。 1、Father bought me a new bike.(改为同义句) Father boug

    a new bike for 再答: Did read再问: 你的回答完美的解决了我的问题,谢谢! 再答: What's he doing
  2. jim got a letter from his sister yesterday.同义句

    Jim received a letter from his sister yesterday.或者 Jim heard from his sister yesterday.
  3. she is my father's sister(同义句)

    she is my aunt吧
  4. 【句型转换】You must stay at home and lookafter your sister.(变同义句)

    You must stay at home and take care of your sister.take care of =look after照顾
  5. i bought some interesting books yesterday,还为同义句,i bought____

    some 可译为一些,少许所以,此处应填a few,译为一些,一点
  6. I bought her a bike yesterday.(改为同义句) I bought a bike ____ _

    to her buy sth to sb=buy sb sth
  7. I bought him a new watch(改为同义句) I bought —— —— —— him.

    I bought a new watch for him.
  8. He bought me some apples yesterday.(改为同义句) He()()()()()yeste

    ought some apples for me应该是
  9. She looks like her sister 的同义句

    are looked simila
  10. 写三个“I bought the book two days ago.”的同义句

    It's three days since I bought the book.I have had/owned the book for three days.I have had/owned the book since three days ago.
  11. How old is your sister 的同义句 速求

    补充:【What's】 your sister's 【age】?What's the age of your sister?
  12. How heavy is your sister?的同义句

    What's your sister's weight?
  13. what is your sister?改同义句

    what does your sister do?what's your sister's job?
  14. What happened to your sister?的同义句

    what`s wrong with your sisterwhat is the matter with your siste
  15. The twins bought their father the car.改为同义句

    The twins bought a car for their father.buy有两个结构,buy sb sth和buy sth for sb 意为“给某人买……”“为某人买……”
  16. He bought the pen three day ago.转换同义句

    he had the pen for three days .
  17. I want to buy a hat for my mother 的同义句

    I want to buy my mother a hat.
  18. I live in the bedroom with my sister .的同义句是什么?

    My sister and I live in the bedroom.
  19. What's your sister的同义句转换

    What does your sister do?What is your sister's job?你姐姐干吗的?