write the opposite的意思


韦伯字典的解释1.adjective形容词1 a :set over against something that is at the other end or side of an intervening line or space *opposite interior angles* *opposite ends

英语翻译1.date of birth2.pieces of paper3.the opposite of "happy

1.date of birth 出生日2.pieces of paper 几张纸3.the opposite of "happy" “开心”的反义词4.come to club activities 来参加俱乐部活动5.They simpil can`t wait for the show next week.他们等不

英语翻译两天前,你是在对面那栋楼的哪一扇窗看到杀人案的?Which window in the opposite bui

首先,应该用two days ago 第二 不是which window,而是通过窗户看到的.所以建议through which window in the opposite building did you witness the homicide case two days ago.时间状语的位置可前,可后.

英语翻译大神帮我翻译一下下面的东西,主题是“How to attract the opposite sex?”(男人版:

(sincerely,kindness,generosity,clever,courage,enterprise,sense of humour)(reflective,patience,willfulness,nice,outgoing,sincerely,looking pretty)中英文翻译有很多出入,单是单词

英语翻译the opposite of night people



1.You are so opposite to stupid that you have finished so much homework within an hour.2.I suggest that he should communicate with his friends about his feeling

老子英文翻译"Wisdom is to walk in two opposite directions at the s


The shop is opposite the library is a good place to do some

正确答案来啦哈哈(在下私见,还请赐教)[1]The shop (that is) opposite the library is a good place to do some shopping 这本来就是定语从句么,通常是把“that is”一起省略,但不能只留一个"is"哦[2]What would you mos

mr black lives opposite mr green.Mr green lives next to the


What does the word "opposite" mean in Chinese?

“opposite”汉语意思是什么? 再问: �෴����Ե� ����˼ 再答: ��1.�෴��,������ They have opposite views on the question. ��������������dz��෴�Ĺ۵㡣 2.�����,��Ե� His store is opposite to

英语翻译the opposite is the case in india,where the friend's rol




Two ferries start at the same time from opposite sides of a


along,opposite,towards 等方位名词用法,含义,英语

along 沿着. 例子:After dinner we take a walk along the street 晚饭后我们沿着街道散步opposite 反着. 例子:On the opposite side of this street this is coffee shop 街道对面有一间咖啡厅towards 朝

choose the opposite adjective from the box.


@the old man sitting opposite me cleared his throat as if...

as if to say something意思是好像要说什么

they look the same,but they have opposite i____

interests 应该用复数

If a2-a=1 and az+a-3 are opposite numbers to each other,and

0 应该是a平方-a+1和a平方 +a -3是相反数,a的倒数小于a的相反数.算出a=-1

Some friends have opposite views,and___like the same things.

c就是和前面的some friends的对比


e opposite against ab.好像没有这个用法 或者 很罕见(基本不用)反对某人可以这样说:be opposite to sb./ be against sb.如果一定要分析be opposite against sb.这个结构的话,那么,这里opposite看成形容词be on the opposite