Ocean Park 圣诞活动

Let's go to Ocean Park.变一般疑问句和反义疑问句

Where do we go?Let's go to Ocean Park,Shall we?

Mary and I is going to visit the ocean park tomorrow.有什么错吗?哪

应该把is改成are ,因为Mary and I 是两个人,主语是复数,谓语动词也应该用复数形式,即are

能翻译一下Have you been to Ocean Park yet,Winnie?

您的问题很简单.百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题.原句:Have you been to Ocean Park yet,Winnie?翻译:你已经去过了海洋公园,温尼?百度知道永远给您最专业的英语翻译.

Let's go to Ocean Park in Spring Bay (改反疑问句)

shall weLet's是包括听者在内的,用shall weLet us是不包括听者在内的,用will you祝你进步,有不会的可以再问我哦

let‘s visit the ocean park .反义疑问句怎么改

shall weLet's.,shall we?Let us...,will you?

Let's go to Ocean Park this Sunday(保持句意不变

about goingWhat about doing sth?"干.事怎么样?“ 用以表示一个建议

小学英语作文:Ocean Park

Today I went to HongKong Ocean Park.It's one of the big Ocean Parks in the world.I got wind of (听说)it very beautiful.Today,I was very earnest to visit it.There

i have already been to ocean park.改为否定句

I haven't been to Ocean Park yet.

Have you beeb to Ocean Park yet,Winnie?(中文翻译)


we have been to ocean park对to Ocean park提问

Where have you been? 再问: 再问: 帮帮忙谢谢 再答: 这么多,哪道题啊?再问: 阅读理解,给出首字母,有数字的地方都要填,谢谢了 再答: 1seeing 2.sons 3.How 4.dollars. 5.other. 6.say 7.but再问: 哇(⊙o⊙)哇,你真厉害再问: 发一个链接过来

请教we have been to ocean park对to后面提问

where have you been to?海洋公园是个地点,对他提问就用where~

winnie has already been to ocean park改否定句

Winnie has not been to ocean park yet.

No,I haven't been to Ocean Park yet?


We are going to (Ocean Park) in Spring Bay.(划线提问划在Ocean Park

which place

他已经去过Spring Bay的Ocean Park两次了翻译

He has been to Ocean Park twice.P.S.SPRING BAY是哪裏?OCEAN PARK是在香港啊.

We shalle visit Ocean Park in Spring Bay(Ocean 到BAY为划线)this

What shall we visit the coming Sunday?请指出,希望能和你一起探讨~如果认为我的回答好的话,请及时采纳,

要一篇作文,visit the Ocean Park

是香港海洋公园(THE OCEAN PARK)!参考了:Have you ever heard the Ocean Park before?The Ocean Park is,in fact,one of the most famous theme parks in Asia!There are many ways f

Let's ____ (visit) Ocean Park together.______ ______ a trip

Let's (visit) Ocean Park together.(注:let's do sth 让我们做某事吧)(Shall we take ) a trip to Ocean Park together?=( Why not take ) a trip to Ocean Park together = (What

They ______ Ocean Park next Saturday.B.are going to C.will g


求英语预备年级作文A tirp to ocean park 用一般现在时写!

Today,we go to the Ocean Park.It is a very nice park.We can see many plants and animals in the Ocean Park.  First we go to the Film Fantasia.It is terrible plac