I will ask someone to water my flowers.


I water my flowers twice a day我一天浇两次花

We must water the flowers every day.

我们必须每天浇花 WATER有浇的意思

I water the flowers (every day.)对()提问

How often do you water the flowers对时间频率提问,用how often

I water my flowers twice a day ,but it's still very short.


We must water the flowers every day.(改为被动语态)

must be watered

I should water the flowers every day.(被动语态)

should be watered

water the flowers的意思

是给花浇水的意思 再问: 谢谢❤💖

water the flowers还是 water flowers


water the flowers的过去式是什么?

watered the flowers


I water my flowers twice a day.我一天给我的花浇两次水.

将下列句子改为被动语态.We must water the flowers. People cut down a lot

1、The flowers must be watered by us .2、A lot of trees are cut down by people every year .3、His bedroom was cleaned by him just now.4、The window won't be opened

Does she water the flowers every day?改为被动语态

Are the flowers watered by her every day?

Do you water the Flowers every day?用now替换every day ____ you

Is you watering the Flowers now? 再问: 是用are还是用is呀? 再答: 不好意思,用are 再问: 哦 再问: 呵呵 再答: 因为now是现在完成时,be + doing

连词成句.1:water;can;the; I;flowers(.)I can water the flowers.

1:water;can;the; I;flowers(.)I can water the flowers.(正确)2:is;bed;two;there;end;a;tables;and(.)There is a bed and two end tables.(正确)3:closet;the;the; beds;near

You should water the flowers every morning.(同义句)

meed to

water the flowers


除了water the flowers和water the grass还有water the什么?要5个

water the plant water the tree water the gardenwater the horse给马喂水Water the livestock给家畜喂水

为什么water the flowers中的flowers要加s


i will ask someone to water my flowers同义句改写I will_ my flower

have watered

直引变间引:Does she water the flowers?

He asked whether she watered the flowers请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可 再问: 用I ask 再答: I ask if(whether) she waters the flowers I asked if(whether) she watered the flowers