cheer sb on造句

用cheer sb up造句

She failed the exam,and we want to cheer her up.cheer sb.up 使某人振做起来

造句cheer sb on

My friends cheered their favourite singers on.我的朋友为自己支持的歌手欢呼加油.

造句cheer sb on 最好简练些

As the football match was in progress, we kept cheering on both teams. 足球赛进行时,我们不断地喊叫,为双方加油.

cheer sb on怎么造句?三个

1.The audience were cheering the runners on so that they could run faster.2.My teacher cheered me on before I took part in the speech contest.3.I felt a little

初二英语造句 basketball 2.cheer sb on 3.quite a bit 4.of cou

1 he plays basketball every day.2 As the football match was in progress,we kept cheering on him.足球赛进行时,我们不断地喊叫,为他加油.3 I've slept quite a bit during the past few

live in sp with sb 英文造句

I live in HangZhou with my parents.I want to live in ShangHai with my feiends.额.很普通的两句,希望能帮助你.


Next Friday will be Mary's birthday,so she invites a lot of classmates to her birthday party in her home.

鼓励某人 英语怎么说1.鼓励某人 是用cheer sb on cheer all the athlete on 这个我觉

1 你的后一个想法是对的,cheer on sb.表示给某人打气鼓劲也可以用encourage do sth.鼓励某人做某事2 运动运 :athlete

用let sb in造句

I opened the door and let him in.

lend sth to sb的造句,Help me!

Tom lends a book to Linda

play with sb.怎么造句 再问: stud for the English tes 再答: I. study. hard. for. the. English. test.

keep sb company造句并翻译、很急!

I've come to keep you company.我来给你做伴.I'll keep you company as far as the station.我将一直陪你到车站.Her neighbours often keep her company in the evenings.她的邻居经常在夜晚陪她做伴

cheer sb.up 还是cheer up sb.

都对.up是副词,所以,宾语是代词时必须放在up前; 若宾语是名词时,则可前可后.简而言之,cheer sb.up一定是对的,cheer up sb则不一定

give sb sth造句

please give me that pencil

用let sb do造句

let she finish the work by herselflet he go home quickly

怎样用wake sb up 造句?

I am used to getting up late at weekends ,but my mother always wakes me up very early.我习惯周末睡懒觉,但是我妈妈总是很早就把我叫起来.

show sb sth 造句,并翻译中文

show sb. sth. = show sth. to sb.向某人展示某物eg: She showed me the English book. = She showed the English book to me.或者Please show me your tickets. 等等

show sb.around造句

Let me show you around.我带你转转吧.Shall I show you around the factory?我带你去参观工厂,好吗?I could is happy to show you around.我乐意带您周围看看.

give sb lesson 造句

Mr Li gives me a lesson.李女士给我上了一堂课.多谢!

用punish sb for造句

The father punished his son for his lie.父亲因为儿子撒谎而惩罚了他.