a ladybird has six legs改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答

[ 英语 ] That is my pen(改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)

Is that your pen?Yes,it is. 再问: 又是你呵 我英语很多不会得 你QQ多少啦

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[ 英语 ] I have some nice dresses .[改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答】

Do you have some nice dresses?Yes,I do.用什么助动词提问就用什么助动词回答.注意用Do提问的一般疑问句不可以用谓语动词作Yes,No回答.英式特别:Have you got any nice dresses?Yes,I have.

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[ 英语 ] I’d like to play computer games(改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答)

Would you like to play computer games?yes,i‘d love to刚才写错了!sorry 再问: 谢了,我知道,是I’d like to

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[ 英语 ] He has lost his book.先改成一般疑问句,在做肯定回答.

Does he lose his book ?Yes , he does .望采纳

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[ 英语 ] He is doing his homework in the study.改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答

is he doing his homework in the study?yes,he is

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[ 英语 ] I`m Mary(改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)

Are you Mary?Yes,I am.

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[ 英语 ] This is my watch 怎么改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答

Is this your watch?Yes,it is.

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[ 英语 ] will books only be on computers ,not on paper?改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答

Are books will only on computers,not on paper?改成肯定回答是:Yes,they are.

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[ 英语 ] I stayed at home(at home 划线部分) 改成一般疑问句: 做肯定回答和否定回答: 改成否定句:

1.Did you stay at home?Yes,I did.No,I didn't.I didn't stay at home.2.Was it hot and rainy yesterday?Yes,It was.No,It wasn't.It was not hot and rainy yesterday.W

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[ 英语 ] People won'tuse money.Everything will be free改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答

Would anything be free if people won't use money?yes,it would

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[ 英语 ] 句式练习按要求完成句子1.Tom eats moon cakes.(改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)2.Is Charli

1.Dose Tom eat moon cakes?Yes he does.2.Yes,it is.3.Is easter in spring.4.Do weeat moon cakes at Christmas.5.Did we gave presents at Christmas.6.Do Mr and Mrs S

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[ 英语 ] 改成一般疑问句,再做肯定回答1,She is looking at the zebra.2The policeman i

1 She is looking at the zebra. Is she looking at the zebra? ----Yes ,she is .2 The policeman is watching the car. Is the policeman watching the car ? ----Yes ,

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[ 英语 ] He has a lovely stops.(改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答)

Does he have a lovely stops?Yes,he does.

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[ 英语 ] 将这个句子译成英语,改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答,在改为一般疑问句

你好,很高兴能够在这里回答你的问题,这道题的正确答案应该为:We have to leave the cellphones at home on shcool days.Do you have to leave the cellphones at home on shcool days?Yes ,we do.上面已经改

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[ 英语 ] 将下列句子改成否定句、改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答.

吼吼、首先先祝贺自己英语满分啦、初四的英语满分不容易丫、你要加油加油呢、I was born in 1996.否定句:I wasn't born in 1996.一般疑问句:Were you born in 1996?Yes,I was.I met him yesterday.否定句:I didn't meet him

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[ 英语 ] 将下面句子改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答

1.Is it a lovely dog?Yes,it is.2.Is she a lovely girl?Yes,she is.3.Is he my father?Yes,he is.4.Are they Lily's cousins?Yes,they are.5.Are we classmates?Yes,we a

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[ 英语 ] 将下列句子改成一般疑问句,并做肯定回答和否定回答

一第二题是把所有单词练成一段文章吗?还是有小题号你没标出来啊1.Would he like to climb mountains in spring?Yes,he would./No,he would not2.Does Victor like the weather in China?Yes,he does./No,

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[ 英语 ] 怎么改成一般疑问句 并做肯定回答

is this a red baseball?yes,this isis that his computer game?yes,that iswhat is his phone numberis her family name Green?no,it isn'tare you an English boy?no,i a

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[ 英语 ] 改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答

1.Does he watch TV every sunday Yes,he does2.Do you do your homework every evening Yes ,I do3.Do Lucy and Lily come from the USA?Yes,they do4.Does she eat two p

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[ 英语 ] 3改成一般疑问句并做肯定回答,5改为否定句

1.Did you send a present to your friend on his birthday last Sunday?----Yes,I did.2.Did your father find a job when he was 20 years old?----Yes,he did.3.Did you

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