You don't have When you have new(这个品种你能不能再解释一下,市有关农业还是别的?) Can you show me pictures of A and How long is D which is 500 euro?If it possible can I see the pictures?Thank you
再问: 品种=动物
再答: 那用spices应该是可以的
再问: 因该是“你什么时候会再次出售C”
再答: Will you replenish stocks? I want some, when you have them can you tell me
你会进货吗? 我想要几个,你进货以后能告诉我一下吗



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  1. 英语翻译我们检查了订单和库存,仓库已经没有这本书了,我想出现这种情况的原因也许是你收到的是另外一个客户的书,当天他也订购

    we checked the order and inventory,we do not have this book in the warehouse.I think this results from the fact that you have received a book that was supposed
  2. 英语翻译我们会将这YK05库存和之前的YG6产品一起发到SKE,另外有2个问题请确认下1.YK05和YG6合在一起发给你

    We will send YK05 in store together with YG6 previously mentioned to SKE. Besides, we want to further clarify 2 more questions: 1. If we send YK05 and YG6 toget
  3. 英语翻译我可以问问这次的库存有多少个蝴蝶吗?或者它们的数量有多少个?

    Could you tell me how many butterflies are kept in stock this time?Or what is their quantity?
  4. 英语翻译这是我们所有的库存,新成品最快最快要下周才可以送货.

    These are all of our inventory and the new products will be deliver at next week to the earliest 那个 指正一下 products 一定要用复数形式阿希望这个回答你会喜欢~
  5. 英语翻译这种型号只有5个库存,这就是我能给你的数量,剩余的3个货一到我就寄给你

    For this item we have only 5 in stock.This is the quantity I can give you now and I will mail you the remaining 3 as soon as the shipment comes in.
  6. 英语翻译文章是这样的:“韦丹字文明,京兆万年人.新罗国君死,诏拜司封郎中往吊.……验卒所告,皆不实,丹治状愈明.

  7. 英语翻译时间来到二十一世纪的第二个十年,紧抓住新科技革命的新中国涌现出一大批的新企业,他们的经营方式和经营战略多种多样,

  8. 英语翻译这张画的灵感来自一家物流公司的宣传画,我用相机拍摄了那张画,然后临摹了它,但照片是没有双腿的,所以我给加上了两条

    The inspiration of this painting came from a publicity poster of a logistics company; I took a photograph of it and then I painted a copy of it.However,I had ad
  9. 英语翻译面包是和米饭一样重要的食物(as...as)我们的新房子是旧房子的3倍大(twice)汤姆的自行车比吉姆的贵(t

    面包是和米饭一样重要的食物(as...as)Bread is food as important as rice我们的新房子是旧房子的3倍大(twice)Our new house is twice bigger more than old one汤姆的自行车比吉姆的贵(than)Tom's bicycle is mo
  10. 英语翻译1、小镇上冒出了(spring up)很多新工厂.2、问题的关键是缺乏(a shortage of)经费.3、我

    1.A lot of new factories have sprang up in the small town.2.The key point to the problem is the lack of money.3.I hope everything turns out good.4.How can we se
  11. 英语翻译在当今这个快速发展的信息时代,我们只有不断汲取新知识,才不会落伍.

  12. 英语翻译随着网络技术的发展,传统的表达自由被赋予了新的时代内涵.网络成为一种新的交互模式,截至2013年12月,中国网民

    By the rapid breakthroughs of internet and computer technology nowadays,some more meaning has been tagged on the concept of "speaking-free".As a new exchanging
  13. 英语翻译为借助资本市场深化改革、做大做强,构建国资监管新模式,实现国有资本保值增值,我公司正在申请公开发行H股并在港交所

    in order to draw support from capital market to deepen the reform,make it bigger and stronger,and build a new method for state owned capital supervision,bring a
  14. 英语翻译经济全球化环境下,外资的相互融合成为世界金融体系变革的新动向,而随着中国加入WTO后绿色壁垒的消除,越来越多的外

    Economic globalization,the integration of foreign capital into the world financial system changes with new trends With China's accession to the WTO green barrie
  15. 急!英语翻译:在他妻子的要求下,他给她买了一件又一件的新年礼物.我猜那些礼物至少得花500美元.

    In his wife's request,he bought her one after another New Year gift.I suppose those gifts should cost at least 500 dollars.
  16. 英语翻译另外“体感”也是一个宣传重点,因为那对于开发新目标市场是很有帮助的.

    Moreover,"somatosensory" is another focus point for marketing.It is highly helpful in exploiting a new market group.
  17. 英语翻译+ z9 v2 S+ @% l& |3 u过了不久换了领导.新领导一来就皱着眉头说:“怎么把门留在东边呢?这不是

    Floor of the south facing East Road,is the path and the wheat fields,there is a river in the north.The door opened in the south the most appropriate,but leaders
  18. 英语翻译今天,我去了东莞东科技馆游览.那里有好多的新科技产品,有机器人…我觉得我的收获很大.今天我很开心.

    今天,我去了东莞东科技馆游览.那里有好多的新科技产品,有机器人… Today I went to Dongguan Eastern Science Museum for a visit.There were many new high-tech products such as robots...我觉得我的收获很大.今