you can learn Chinese from it的意思


you can learn Chinese from it的意思




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  1. More and more foreigners ______ to China to learn Chinese ev

  2. More and more foreigners come to China to learn () Chinese

    ...只要是看你怎么翻译了.如果是汉语 中文的话就不能加the了如果是中国人而且特指的话就可以加the了 如the chinese这个中国人这里意思是 越来越多的外国来来到中国向中国人学习.而不是学中文.
  3. Every year many foreigners___to China to learn Chinese

    d come每年,都有许多外国人来中国学习中文.Every year,显然是一般现在时,而且many foreigners是复数的.所以是D
  4. Every year many foreigners 选什么 to China to learn Chinese A.h

    选D 由every year可以看出是一般现在时,而且主语foreigners是复数形式,故选come
  5. learn Chinese 音标

    learn Chinese[ lə:n 'tʃai'ni:z ]
  6. 英语作文:My advice on how to learn chinese

    每一点的第一句是整段的中心句,也就是学好汉语的方法.你可以从中选你喜欢已明白的放在你的作文里1. Begin with a good audio-based course. This can be a class taken at a school or university. The lessons can be t
  7. every year many foreigners____to china to learn chinese.A co

  8. Mike came to ask me for some advice on (how to learn Chinese

    状语,因为如何学中文,是方式状语.但是如果把on也加入括号内,那么on how to learn Chinese就是修饰前面some advice的了,我们知道,修饰名词或名词短语的叫定语,所以加了on就是后置定语.
  9. I would like to learn chinese I need some advice please tell

  10. Tom has to learn Chinese well变一般疑问句

    Tom to learn Chinese well 一般疑问句:Does Tom have to learn Chinese well?汤姆必须要学好英语吗?望满意
  11. Learn chinese?I can help you if you can help me learn englis

    I think perhaps only chinese will search "baidu" ,because foreigners likes "google" not "baidu".You also can improve your English by watching foreign moives.I h
  12. The foreigners want to know how they can learn Chinese Kongf

    The foreigners want to know how to learn Chinese Kongfu well.
  13. 英语翻译Millie wants to learn ( )( )( )Chinese ( )well.

    MillIe wants to learn the grammer of Chinese very well
  14. I am from England,I want to learn Chinese!

    Welcome,Foreign friends.I'll give you some Suggests and hope them can help you.1st to get some Chinese friends.Lots of Chinese people can speak some English ,es
  15. I want to learn chinese language,where to learn Chiese in Ch

    Do you have any communications of online soft?like QQ or MSN? I am a chinese guy...I m going to take IELTS for study in Austrulia, I think we can talk something
  16. She can learn Chinese history______Beijing Opera.

  17. can you teach me english?if you want to learn chinese,i can

    yes i want learn .please 专业团队献上专业的回答,
  18. 学中文的英语是learn Chinese还是learn the Chinese

    learn ChineseChinese 如果加 the则特指中国人了.
  19. 为什么说是She likes to learn Chinese

    like +to do sth 和 like+doing sth 只有这2种用法 没有+原型的用法
  20. how to learn chinese well 英语作文

    As we know,Chinese is one of the most beautiful languages all over the world,the words of which are also more beautiful than any other languages'.The difference