Unit Nine Section B
Part One: New Words
1. dissolve v. 1. (cause to ) come to an end (使)结束,(使)解体
The tension in the office just dissolves when she walks out.
The society was dissolved due to lack of members.
2. be absorbed by a liquid 溶解
Keep stirring the tea until the sugar has dissolved.
Dissolve two spoons of powder in warm water.
2. overtake v. 1. (of sth. unpleasant) reach suddenly 突然降临于,意外侵袭
The family was overtaken by tragedy several years ago, and
they still haven't recovered. 几年前,这家人突然遭遇不幸,现在还没恢复过来.
She was overtaken by sorrow when her husband died. 丈夫去世时,她悲痛欲绝.
2. come from behind and pass 追上,赶上,超过
It's dangerous to overtake another car on a bend.
Exports have already overtaken last year's figure.
3. vary v. (cause to) change or be different (使)不同,更改,改变
Salary scales vary from state to state. 工资高低因州而异.
The samples varied in quality but were generally acceptable.
4. optional a. chosen or not as one wishes可任意选择的,非强制的,随意的
The charge for going into the museum is optional.
Art and music are optional. 艺术和音乐是选修的.
5. inflation n. [U] a general continuous increase in prices 通货膨胀
I hope the new measures will contribute to preventing the house
price inflation. 我希望新的措施将有助于防止房价上涨.
Inflation usually affects many countries at the same time.
6. weave v. 1. twist (long objects) together; make (sth.) by doing this 编织
It takes great skill to weave a basket from grasses.
She is good at weaving straw into hats. 她擅长编草帽.
2. put facts together to make a story编造,汇编
She wove the story around a specific theme.
The biography weaves together the various aspects of Einstein's
life. 这本传记汇编了爱因斯坦一生的方方面面.
7. casual a. 1. showing little concern 漠不关心的,不经意的
She walked into the room with no more than a casual glance at the
children standing outside. 她走进房间,只是冷漠地瞥了一眼站在外面的孩子们.
Although close to tears, she tried to make her voice sound casual.
2. (of clothes) not formal (衣服等)非正式的,随便的
casual wear 便服
For some people casual clothes mean a T-shirt and old jeans.
3. happening by chance or without planning 偶尔的,偶然的
Most of the building work was done by casual labour.
She had a number of casual jobs during the university holidays.
8. migrate vi. 1. move from one place to another 移居,迁移
Millions have migrated to the cities because they could not
survive in rural areas. 数百万人因无法在乡村生存而移居城市.
Pioneers from New England migrated to all parts of the United States. 来自新英格兰的开拓者迁移到美国各地.
2. (of birds and fish) travel to a different place迁徙,定期迁移,洄游
In September these birds migrate 2,000 miles south to a warmer climate.九月里,这些鸟迁徙2,000英里到达气候温暖的南方.
These birds migrate northwards in spring and southwards in fall.
9. scrape v. 1.live with no more than the necessary money 勉强维持
He scraped a living (by) selling old clothes.
2. remove (a top layer, etc.), esp. by using a sharp edge刮,擦
Jack scraped his knee on the wall as he was climbing over it.
I was woken up by the branches scraping against my bedroom
window. 树枝擦着卧室窗户所发出的声音弄醒了我.
n. 1. [C, U] the act or sound of scraping 刮,擦;刮擦声
I haven't hurt myself seriously — it's just a scrape.
I hate the scrape of chalk on a blackboard.
2. [C] a difficult situation caused by one's own foolish behavior
The children are always getting into scrapes.
10. subtract v. take (a number) from another number 减去,扣除
You have to subtract 25% tax from the sum you receive.
When you subtract 3 from 7, the answer is 4. 7减去3等于4.
11. trim vt. 1. remove or reduce what is unnecessary 削减,减少,缩减
We have to trim a lot off our travel budget.
The article's too long. Can you trim it?
2. make sth. neater, smaller, better by cutting parts from it 修理,修剪
Could you just trim my hair? 你能帮我稍稍修剪一下头发吗?
My grandfather would spend hours in front of the mirror trimming
his beard. 我的祖父在镜子前要花上数小时来修理胡须.
Part Two: Text Analysis
1. serve as: perform certain duties; fulfil the purpose of 担任...;作...用,起...作用
He then served three years as an officer. 他后来当了三年军官.
Her illness certainly served as a means of getting attention.
The children used an old sheet to serve as a curtain. 孩子们用一张旧床单做帘子.
2. be related to: be connected or associated with与... ...相关,与... ...有联系
The rise in the cost of living is directly related to the price of oil. 生活费用的上涨与石油价格有直接关系.
Heart disease is related to stress. 心脏病与精神压力有关.
3. a variety of: a lot of things that are different from each other, but of the same general type
The college offers a wide variety of courses for women wanting to return to education. 该大学为有志返校接受教育的女子提供了各种课程.
Rowe always kept a variety of pills and medicines in his bedroom closet. 罗威总是在卧室的柜子里存放各种各样的药丸和药剂.
4. dozens of: lots of; a large number of people or things, etc., but not more than a hundred许多,数十个
I've tried phoning her dozens of times. 我给她打了很多次电话.
5. by the time: when到... ...的时候
By the time this letter reaches you I will have left the country. 你收到这封信时,我已离开了这个国家.
By the time I arrived at the stadium they had lost the match. 等我到达体育馆时,他们已经输掉了比赛.
6. care for: be responsible for; look after照看,看护
Who cared for her while she was ill? 她生病时谁照顾她?
Uncle Dick is very good at caring for sick animals.迪克大叔照顾生病的动物很在行.
7. north: n. the direction opposite to the south
I live in the north of China. 我居住在中国北部.
Leeds is in the north of England. 利兹位于英格兰北部.


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