Psychological research shows that the kids who are often hugged and touched are much more healthier than those who are lack of hugs and touches.This does the same effect to the adults.Body languages have an irreplaceable role in interpersonal communications .


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  1. 英语翻译我都支持,要看他们技术,体力,还有弹跳力.守门员心里心理素质要好,因为他们抵挡球的入门

    I support them to look at technology,physical strength,and jumping ability.Goalkeeper feel better psychological health,as they resist the entry of the ball.就是这么
  2. 英语翻译心理学思想作为朱光潜美学思想的一个组成部分,在朱光潜研究的过程中一直相对较少受到研究者的重视,从20世纪至今,有

    人工翻译,请采纳并赏分As an integral part of Zhu Guangqian’s aesthetics thought, psychological thought has ever been paid less attention in the research process of Zhu Gua
  3. 英语翻译当代心理学研究前景摘要:“心理学有一个长期的过去,但仅有一段短暂的历史”.在心理学成为一门正式科学之后,就一直不

    Prospects of Contemporary Psychology Abstract: "Psychology has a long past, but only a short period of history." In psychology after becoming a formal science,
  4. 英语翻译本研究人以人结肠癌HT-29细胞为研究对象,探讨大蒜素诱导结肠癌HT-29细胞凋亡的作用,为研究结肠细胞癌的临床

    The researchers to colon cancer HT-29 cell as the research object, this paper discusses the garlic induction colon cancer HT-29 cell apoptosis function, for the
  5. 英语翻译城市化研究是城市规划中一个重要主题.在中国,自改革开放以来,特别是随着社会主义市场经济体制的确立,国民经济和社会

    There is no denying that the urbanization study has become an important theme in the urban planning as a result of the development of urbanization in an outstan
  6. 英语翻译项目研究内容具体、方案可行、经费预算合理,望能给予支持.

    the detailedly specified project is feasible,and its budget also reasonable,thus support is sincerely expected.
  7. 英语翻译有研究显示,经常接触自然有利于提升幸福感.(exposure to…)使他身体迅速康复的是健康的饮食和定期的锻炼

    1.Research shows that frequent exposure to nature is helpful to lift the sense of happiness.2.What helps him to recovered from sickness is the healthy food and
  8. 英语翻译需要研究的第一段最后一句:And I don't need no carrying on 第二段第一句:You

    Daniel Powter-Bad DayWhere is the moment when needed the mostYou kick up the leaves and the magic is lostThey tell me your blue skies fade to greyThey tell me y
  9. 英语翻译本文研究近年兴起的跨境小额在线交易的物流问题.这种跨境交易的主体是境内外的中小企业或个体经营者.交易的特点是批量

    本文研究近年兴起的跨境小额在线交易的物流问题.In this paper,the rise in recent years of cross-border small on-line transactions of logistics problems.这种跨境交易的主体是境内外的中小企业或个体经营者.交易的特点是批量
  10. 英语翻译那位研究语言的高人可以帮我把以下这段文字翻译成“拉丁文”“英文”“希伯来语”和“阿拉伯语”.我的十字架上有,但是

    这些句子出自《圣经·哥林多前书》(1 Corinthians)13:14至13:18,是用古希腊语写就的.原文如下:Ἡ ἀγάπη μακροθυμεῖ,χρηστεύεται ἡ ἀγάπη,οὐ ζηλο&#
  11. 英语翻译我们研究审计风险的出发点和归宿是为了防范和控制审计风险,审计风险取决于重大错报风险和检查风险,审计风险主要原因是

    We study the starting point and the destination of audit risk is to prevent and control the audit risk, depends on the audit risk of material misstatement risk
  12. 英语翻译在研究管理学的过程中,有个问题就是似乎没有人对它有多少了解.好公司为什么好?我们完全摸不着头脑.我们甚至也不知道

    There exists one problem which no one seems know much about during the process of studying management.We have totally no idea why a good company so good and eve
  13. 英语翻译台湾研究课有关蒋经国的论文.摘要:据近十年的台湾民众普查发现,蒋经国为台湾最受欢迎的一任总统.其执政期间,既有白

    AbstractChiang Ching-kuo is the most popular president ever in Taiwan history,according to the results of surveys on Taiwan citizens in the past ten years.In hi
  14. 求英语翻译 医疗研究 请比尔吃饭

    医疗研究 medical research可能不知道 (He/She/They)probably doesn't/don't know.请比尔吃饭 (I'm going to) invite Bill for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  15. 英语翻译1.研究中国在世界经济活动中日益增加的重要作用,特必然是在世界经贸组织和其他国际多变组织中的作用.2.指导一项新

    1.研究中国在世界经济活动中日益增加的重要作用,特必然(应该是特别吧)是在世界经贸组织和其他国际多变(是不是多边组织)组织中的作用.Research the increasing important effect of China in World Economy Organization,especially in
  16. 什么是英语翻译(心理学硕士)

  17. 英语翻译1研究成果表明,长江中下游各河段泄流能力在三峡工程运用后不同时期发生不同程度的变化.2三峡水库蓄水运用后一段时期

    Research results indicate that the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River discharge capacity after the operation of the Three Georges Project occurred in
  18. 英语翻译为研究高海拔区域不同时期揭膜培土对烤烟产值量及烟叶内在成分的影响,总结最佳揭膜培土追肥时间,在云南省保山高海拔区

    High altitude area for research in different periods of flue-cured tobacco production jie membrane fertilizer quantity and the influence of tobacco,chemical fer
  19. 英语翻译本文研究了银基电接触复合材料的研究,将纳米金刚石粉体通过共沉积方式复合到银基中,从而改变电接触材料的性能.本文研

    This paper studies the electrical contact silver base composite study,nona codeposited nano-carbon diamond powders through yankees compound to silver way,which