the food cooked on the fire对么

She cooked on a fire last night?(对画线部分提问)画线部分是(cooked on a f

答案:【What did she do last night?】 他昨天晚上做了什么? 对应用一般过去式 速度回答 保证正确 【Me YC诚心为你解答此题,若有疑问请及时追问】

She cooked on a fire变成疑问句,没有画线部分,怎么变?求救!

很高兴为您解答!一般疑问句:Did she cook on a fire?cooked是一般过去时,实义动词,所以用助动词did来提问翻译:她用火做饭吗?希望可以帮到您, 再问: 我可以把大家的回答都采纳么...

I cooked on a fire.I didn't have a television or a radio.I d


unless hamburgers or hot dogs are cooked over a fire


My mother cooked on a fire.对cooked on a fire进行了提问

What did your mother do? 再问: 感觉不对啊 再答: 没错的,cooked on a fire,用火煮饭,提问的话是问干了什么。 用 What did your mother do?

She cooked noodles_____ a fire

on / over cook sth on/over a fire 生火做饭:When we go on safari we like to cook on an open fire.我们远行狩猎时,喜欢露天生火做饭.

the food cooking on the fire smells great.这里应该是cooked no the

cooking有正在进行的意思,这里是个不及物动词.另例如:Let the fish cook for half an hour before you add the wine.【这一句同样不用被动式】

英语连词成句:mother a my fire cooked on

My mother cooked on a fire

we cook over a fire and the food taste wonderfully.单句改错,

We cooked over a fire and the food always tasted wonderful.

Primitive men came to enjoy food___cooked on the fire.

Primitive men came to enjoy food___cooked on the fire.A that B they had C had been D which had 原始人变得喜欢那些他们在火上烤过的食物.D 食物是泛指,不是具体哪个食物,所以意思不对. 再问: 谢谢。为什么有cooked on


FireFire is of great importance to human life.On the one hand,it is our friend.Without fire,we couldn‘t eat cooked food,Without fire,we had no way to keep warm.

.americas,like many people in the world,like to invite frien

Americans like many people elsewhere in the world like to invite friends to their homes for the evening of food,drink and conversation.Formal dinners in fine ho

We lived in asmall house.改为一般疑问句

Did you live in a small house? 再问: My mother cooked on a fire.用 cooked on a fire进行了提问 再答: What did my mother?


※ Needed materials(糖醋里脊):Pig fillet meat 300 grams,green pepper,carrot each 30 grams,onion 2,garlic 2 grains,egg-yolk 1,soy sauce 1 big spoon,starch 1 small spo


Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed.More important,it is a period to honour and to pay respect to one's deceased ancestors and fami


清 明 节(Tomb-Sweeping Day) 1、Qing Ming Jie(All Souls' Day) Qing Ming is a time to remember the dead and the dearly departed. More important, it is a period to hon

An old lady talked about hei life many years ago.

一个老妇人讲述她多年前的生活. 再问: She cooked on a fire是什么意思


Dear Li Ping, The National Day is over. We spent a happy 7-day long leave. I really enjoyed the seven days, especially the 2-day tour to the countryside nearby.

求一篇英语小短文 ,关于清明节的

第一篇:Qing Ming Festival, also called Tomb-Sweeping Day or Pure Brightness Day). It's a combination of sadness and happiness. It is an occasion for the whole fami

英语翻译Dear DamingI watched a television programme about China